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1.This cricket bat is designed to be used for tennis cricket ball, plastic ball (not suitable for leather balls). The handle is firmly string wound and a rubber sleeve for increased durability. The bat is full standard size for everyone to learn and play cricket.
2.This Hard Plastic Cricket Bat suitable for both indoor & outdoor fun time with your friends and family in your school, college, ground, backyard or even at the beach. With the help of this lightweight bat you are able to enjoy the game of cricket in your backyard, drive-way etc.
3.Measurement of bat around 34” inch height, width 4.5” inch, thickness 2.2” inch.
4.We have made the plastic cricket bat kids with PVC material encouraging for all age to play cricket with this bat being lightweight for kids, adults and women. Everyone to hit the cricket ball out of the ground and enjoy the best part of cricket sport.
5.Lightweight and Easy to Handle: The lightweight design of our plastic bat makes it easy to swing, allowing for better control and accuracy during gameplay.
6.Pack of 1 Bat 1 Cover

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